• is a daily tattoo blog featuring tattoo news, artist interviews, convention reports and photographs, event listings, book and product reviews, and so much more. The writers of are tattoo geeks who cover all aspects of tattooing with passion as well as a sense of humor. Highlights of the site include a rundown of tattoo stories in the international press, live blogging from tattoo events, and profiles of top tattoo talent around the world
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  • Obscure Ink Magazine is a tattoo culture and lifestyle magazine focusing on the amazing works and stories behind undiscovered tattoo artists across the world. We look to bring the culture, lifestyle, and stories of tattoo artists and their customers to the forefront of the industry. There are thousands of tattoo shops around the world, all with artists who have unique stories to share with the tattooed community and beyond.
  • Tattoo Culture Magazine represents the authentic voice of the tattoo industry, developed from the inside out by the true experts of the tattoo world, the tattooers! TCM is the collaborative effort of Tattoo Artist Magazine and professional tattooers from around the world for the purpose of Entertaining, Inspiring and Educating tattoo fans worldwide.
  • With the most comprehensive, real world, hands-on laser tattoo removal course, you’ll be prepared, no matter your background, to use advanced lasers and techniques to remove undesired tattoos. Are you in the medical, beauty, or tattoo industry? We will create a custom program to fit your needs. At A Laser Academy, you will receive certification with Colorado’s department of higher education, and you’ll also receive the industry standard certificate of Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist. A Laser Academy rises above other laser tattoo removal academies because we follow old-school standards by continuing relationships with graduates in mentoring, ongoing education, and technology support for our graduates.
  • The APP (Association of Professional Piercers) is an international non-profit association dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information related to body piercing to piercers, health care providers and the general public.
  • Face & Body Professionals, Inc. offers specialty products for the tattoo, permanent makeup, electrolysis and medical industries. Anesthetics, pigments and after care products are available as well as body and other resources.
  • The Association of Body Art Professionals (A.B.A.P.) is an organization dedicated to serving the body art industry within the state of Ohio. As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to the dissemination of information regarding the health and safety of body modification practices including piercing, tattooing and permanent cosmetics. The A.B.A.P. hopes to work in conjunction with other national/international organizations as a voice for our industry in addition to providing continuing education to body art professionals, health care professionals, legislators and health officials as well as the general public at large.
  • TatTales is dedicated to the tattoo industry providing expertise and services for artists that want to manage their clientele and web presence. More than a shop and artist directory, we offer a web platform to manage client information for a low cost. Also providing services such web programming, website hosting, facebook and website integration we cater to clients within the tattoo industry. This allows us to understand your business and offer a specific product to meet the industry's specific needs.
  • World Tattoo Events is the most comprehensive international tattoo conventions, expos and festivals calendar online. Featuring 500 tattoo events worldwide.
  • is a fast growing tattoo blog that is really capturing the essence of tattoos. We feature different artists from around the world, as well as regular people from all around the globe. We give you the latest in celebrity tattoo news as well as get to know the artists better by having them submit their bio's and artwork! We have created a site for people to not only tell their stories, but get their fame and showcase some really good meaningful ink. We feel that every tattoo has a story and we are the perfect platform in which everyone from the artists, celebrities, models, and people can interact by telling the story behind their art! This is “The Story Behind the Art”
  • Biologix Solutions LLC is a leader in providing nationally accepted customized Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection training for tattooing & piercing artists. This 100% online training and test will provide you with the most current information on bloodborne pathogens (e.g. HIV, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C) and common skin infection (e.g. MRSA).
  • David A. Vidra offers services designed specifically to meet the needs of todays modification professional.Providing modern, practical, relevant education and delivering accurate, leading edge information, andexpert solutions to assist in managing the increasingly complicated and complex issues involved in todays public health industry.
  • "Pride in Beauty....Privileged by Credential" ACAS Academy is a Licensed; Diploma issuing institution through the Florida Dept. Of Education #3954. We exist to provide the highest standards of education for individuals desiring a career in Permanent Makeup, Paramedical Medical Micropigmentation, and Tattoo Removal. ACAS Academy's Cosmetic Enhancement Programs are geared for both Aspiring Artists and already established Professional Artists. Our classes are taught by world leaders in professional Permanent Cosmetics, Micropigmentation, and Paramedical Micropigmentation Training. You can redefine yourself and your future.
  • We are a non profit organization that supports a different charity each month. Our goal is to demolish the negative stereotypes associated with being a modified woman by doing charity work. We are the Different Making a Difference!
  • Tattoo Culture Magazine is the collaborative project of Tattoo Artist Magazine and professional tattooers everywhere, for the purpose of educating, entertaining, and inspiring tattoo fans worldwide. TCM includes interviews and in-depth bios on some of the very best tattooers in the world, as well as music articles, event coverage, art shows, and general health and development columns for our modern Tattoo Culture.

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