Professional Program Insurance Brokerage volunteers for The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s Week of Giving 2012.

Professional Program Insurance Brokerage volunteers for The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s Week of Giving 2012.

“Landscaping at Fort Mason”
On Monday, October 15th, Jon, Tom and Alan at Professional Program Insurance Brokerage volunteered for The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s program: “Landscaping at Fort Mason” in San Francisco. It was a beautiful warm day in the city. In fact almost too warm as we were clearing out blackberry bushes on a hillside! But the sweat and blackberry thorn scrapes were well worth it considering we had a gorgeous view of San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz from our work site. The Golden Gate National Park employees who worked with us were great to work with and very informative. During the day they gave us some history of Fort Mason which helped make our working time go very quickly. Fort Mason is a must see location for anyone visiting San Francisco. More info on Fort Mason:

“All Hung Up”
On Tuesday October 16th, Carmen, Rashea and Stephanie of Professional Program Insurance Brokerage arrived in San Francisco to volunteer for St. Anthony’s clothing program. Our jobs were to sort donated clothing that would be made accessible to homeless and low-income individuals & families. We were surprised to find out that not all clothing was donated by individuals, but by corporate sponsors; we also learned about the Tenderloin community and people who receive the clothes. Every staff member and volunteer we worked with possessed great pride in what they were doing; the PPIB team was honored to be part of this process. We especially liked the fact that the clothes are set up in a "store-like" environment, including a multilingual staff that assists each person. For more information on St. Anthony's volunteer programs in San Francisco, visit

"Bagging Produce at Redwood Empire Food Bank"
Thursday October 18th was a beautiful, sunny warm day in Santa Rosa as team PPIB (Jennifer, Ed, Yvette, Susan E. and Frank) arrived at the Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB) to volunteer 4 hours of our time to help bag approximately 5,600 pounds of fresh fruit to be distributed to needy families in Sonoma county.
The PPIB team received quite an education about hunger and the plight of needy families and we agreed that we can all do more to help those in need. The services of the Redwood Empire Food Bank are especially important these days, as the food needs have increased even more as families continue to recover from the recession and unemployment.
In addition to volunteering our time for the "Week of Giving", we are helping with REFB’s holiday food drive. We returned to the PPIB office with brown bags for our entire office staff to fill up with non-perishable food to be taken to several drop-off locations in Sonoma county.
Founded in 1987, REFB is Sonoma County's largest hunger-relief organization, serving 133 charitable organizations; including emergency food pantries/closets, shelters and dining rooms, childcare centers/youth programs, group homes, and disaster relief agencies.
For more info visit REFB’s web site:

"Table for 2600"
On October 19th, Susan, Michael, Annie, Courtney, Nick and Brittany of Professional Program Insurance Brokerage volunteered for "Table for 2600" at St. Anthony's in San Francisco for the Week of Giving organized by The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF).
We served 2600 hot lunches to the residents of the San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. The St. Anthony's dining room serves hot, nutritious meals 365 days a year and is more than a meal service; it is a community, which we were fortunate to be part of. Our tasks for the day in the St. Anthony's dining room were food prep, hand serving the elderly and families, clearing tables, and preparing the trays on the food service line. We were given the opportunity to eat with the guests in the dining room. We served meals until everyone lined up out the door was fed; no one was turned away. It was a very rewarding day. For more information on volunteering at St. Anthony's visit:

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