PPIB Sponsors Sunday Tattoo Contest at Tattoo Lou's United Ink in NYC

Professional Program Insurance Brokers Sponsor Tattoo Contest

With an estimated attendance of over 20,000 tattoo enthusiasts and 200 world renowned tattoo artists, PPIB wouldn't dare skip this event: Tattoo Lou's – United Ink Tattoo Convention, held at the Nassau Coliseum (July 27-29 2012) in Long Island, New York. PPIB we'll be there to sponsor the big Tattoo Contest on Sunday! Join us for 3 days of celebrities, tattoo icons, art galleries, seminars, live tattooing and piercing, and the Sunday red carpet event paying homage to the "best of the best" in the tattooing world. For more info on this ink mega-event check out http://www.newyorktattooshow.com. And stop by and see us at our booth for most excellent swag!

Date: July 27, 2012

PPIB Corporation