Beware of the fine print!

Tattoo Professional Liability Insurance

Beware of the fine print!

There are some “other” companies out there trying to get your business by drastically discounting prices. Be careful, however – you often get what you pay for!

Professional Liability is for the procedures you do – example, someone claims they got an infection from a tattoo. General Liability is someone slipping and falling in your shop. Just about anybody – even your home and auto agent – can write you General Liability. Professional Liability is more specialized and is really what you need most.

But I have Professional Liability, so I’m fine, right? MAYBE – read the fine print! What do we mean by fine print? Specifically, read the “EXCLUSIONS”. Did you know that some policies out there exclude coverage if the person you tattooed took an antibiotic within the last 12 months. Some policies exclude coverage if the client has diabetes. How would you know that?

If you are concerned about what your policy covers, we are happy happy to review it for you and compare it to our policy. Don’t get fooled by the fine print!

Name: Sue Redenbaugh Date: June 2012

PPIB Corporation