As the Tattoo and Piercing Industry Evolves

Tattoo Insurance Article in PAIN Magazine

While recently waiting on a layover in the Minneapolis airport, I was thinking how tattooing, permanent makeup and body piercing are developing into more
mature industries. Either that or I am aging. Since I am an optimist by nature, I prefer to think our industries are advancing in years, not me.

In 1989, Susan Church and I founded the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) to formalize standards and ethics to the permanent cosmetic field. In the early 90's, the Association of Professional Piercer's (APP) was formed to do the same thing for body piercing. During the same time, tattooing came out of the alleys and developed into a respected profession with their own organization call the Association of Professional Tattooers (APT).
Throughout the 90s, I was very vocal on how I thought permanent cosmetic technicians should
view themselves and their world. I also offered a lot of “helpful” advice and gave strong opinions
on piercing and tattoo issues.

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Name: Susan Preston Date: December 2011 More Information: PAIN Magazine

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